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France VS Uruguay Predictions (in Deep)

Two nations have already qualified for the quarterfinals after World Cup 2018 and that game will go between Uruguay and France two different teams styles and formations so how will they lineup and what is a school prediction for that game I avoid viva la football and awesome that you watch it to abroad new video on my channel so if you love my videos and never ever want to miss anything 

Don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed subscribe to my channel if you never want to miss anything and don't forget to put the notification bellow if you want to join them viva family as Uruguay is the home team on paper we are starting with them and the goalkeeper is Fernando Muslera and Uruguay only conceded one goal in the last nine official games and that was from the cooler kick we're back to school for puta go to the defensive line and a goalkeeper of  era LIBOR the handling of Madeira isn't too fast he loses some bulls but his reflexes are very good his kicking is great for Ghana that's right he had a great season 

And he is continuing that at the World Cup for Uruguay we will continue with the Santa bags and on that position I think Uruguay is one of the best in the tournament's because  defensively they are world class with jigaboo Dean and given s they have two great centre backs defensively all the bull they're pretty average but defensively in here tackling they are so good they're not picking up yellow or red cards today defend very tough but without making a lot of fouls and give me mass is the star player on the centre back position together with Gooden 

And I think the attack has a frost have a big problem facing him as I told you he will be linked up with GB good Dean and the good thing about this couple is that they have so much experience played together because they are playing for two as three is already every single training and game currently to come Madrid so they never make a big mistake they are very confidence to keep a clean sheet 

Because as I told you only one go conceded in nine games yeah these two guys can win the game for Uruguay but then cache ers was always a very overpowered and cheap car to use in the FIFA game now he is playing for larger room he can play ask the Santa back when he can also play as a right-back and with his face and with his strength he is a great player to play against which player will be playing on the lap weight position for frost because Matsui is suspended 

I'll tell you everything about that later on I think STRs can really stop him one of the most unknown players in the team of Uruguay is g-goo and Lux out from quinoa will he make a big cross for after the World Cup I think there is a big chance in the FIFA game he is playing as a lap myth and same can be said about position for he da'wah but now at the World Cup he became the Pacey lap back for Uruguay because as I told you just now he has a lot of pace and that is important because giving as gojira's bla bla but also good in orange super fast and lock south is super PC and also defensively very good Uruguay plays with full midfielders 

And the most offensive one is Lucas Torah at the moment player of San Doria but he is heavily linked with a move of 30 million pounds to go and play in the Premier League for Arsenal he is very important in the build-up play he sets up a lot of attacks and also offensively he does a world-class job on the right and left center midfield position we have two more unknown players the first one is Anna Heaton Nanda's he's playing for Boca Juniors so if you don't follow the Argentinian League of Boca Juniors I'm pretty sure you never heard of this guy but he does his work good he isn't super creative but offensively you can give him a task and he will do it same can be said about Inter Milan central made Matias vicinal 

Although he is attacking lis a little bit better but he's also the glue between the attackers and the sentiments and the defenders because he is more a box-to-box player with a huge engine in camino fans love him and also a uruguay he's doing some nice things good legal Bontecou or probably the biggest town of Uruguay didn't play so many games this year for Juventus but he was developing every single month for the club and I think he will get a lot of playing time in the fourth season he is a little bit played as a settlement and as a camp and he has a duty to support Edison Company and Louisa Juarez and supported with a lot of screwballs it is Sun caveny destroyed Oregon with two ghouls the first one in school with his shoulder agreed cards that luis suarez and the second goal was a beauty such a great finesse shot it looked a little bit like sherry re in his best days scoring a goal for Arsenal sue calm so relaxed but uncatchable for the goalkeeper he picked up an injury so I'm not quite sure if he can play and if Cavani will be on the bench I think Stu YT will get a spot Louis to our ass he will play against Franz 

And he has to hurt him because so far luiz suarez as playing an average tournament he isn't super good and I think a funny is during the LA Paris so if Cavani will be out Luisa Juarez has asked to do everything out here on the pitch and is the afraid I'm not quite sure because lately the last couple of one or two years I think Suarez is decreasing with space and fitness so that means Uruguay is playing in a 4-4-2 formation within Google News Lehrer the write-back they have cash TRS with a lot of face and grades Frank laughs back is like salt 

Super super PC and also defensively does the job gia Gordon giving as the heart of the defensive line and the heart of the team then we have four midfielders the first one is Lucas Tara is also Acosta has thought you Nanda's Acosta that's him vicino and Manticore and the two world-class strikers i dare to say that louise  Suarez and a decent company and in this one 4-4-2 formation Uruguay is going to try and be France will it happen well I first tell you everything about Franz and then this cool prediction let's continue with fronds and I don't think there will be a lot of crazy things that we didn't expect in this lineup 

Maybe one formation it's very hard to predict a little Reece the first in goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspur is without a doubt the first thing bookkeeper also for France he's not making a lot of mistakes he is consistent in his performances and very reliable ruff Alvarado Real Madrid is one of the most face he sent the facts in the world and I hope in the FIFA game if e8 is a little bit fair they will give him 84 through 85 phase because that is what he deserves I saw a sprinting against Ronaldo on training and against Messi and I'll strike us in the game and believe me he is more pasty than a lot of super crazy attackers - a big upgrade with a piece in the FIFA game and that's very nice for France because they can play with a lot of room behind the defensive line that Verona will catch up with everybody sound well on TV isn't that super PC as Ferran but he is still pretty fast for a Santa bag and on the bull this man is super important for the build-up play for France both brawn and I'm clearly a strong on the bull from TB is passing and dribbling is even better than Ferran so that's why they are perfect couple what a cool Benjamin before school against Argentina when France needed - one down he made a fantastic goal natural Fernandes of Spain made almost the same goal 

But this one was even better in the top corner so this man from filefish stood God is going to meet his roster I'm sure that he was worth five million pounds but now after that goal and the last week's is already wood 40 million pounds so if he keeps playing better and better I think to God can demand around 50 to 60 million files after the tournament where Lucas Hernandez isn't always certain of a starting 11th spot with a leader Madrid because Philippa Louise is just doing fantastic on that position with France 

He is the number one choice on that spot and as a torturer many times you for going forward his average but defensively he does a great job what should Franz be without Angola Cantus topping one attacker after another one this man is so important for your team that if I was the manager of France he would be all my people for the starting 11 always as first because he takes always so many balls from the opposition  and France can keep attacking and attacking don't get hit by counter-attacks Paul Pogba through the television in France after the game between Argentina and France at Killian M poppy has way more talent than he ever had and there is a nice thing to say about youngster and Paul is okay this season was OK at the World Cup so far 

but I never really showed why he is worth 100 million pounds he is okay guys he isn't bad but I don't think he reaches top level yet at Waunakee this man didn't play his best game in his career against Argentina yeah he scored an important goal from the spot but anybody can do that so for the rest of the game 

I thought he was okay but nothing more than that Willie start next game I'm pretty sure of that because he is a guarantee for goals and assists and a lot of danger the man of the moment the man on fire despit e gonzalez you can call it whatever you want but killing and pop he was the big man in that game between Argentina France they wanted fools free he got a penalty he scored two goals and with his piece he was so super dangerous as I predicted in my video one week ago that all the players of Argentina will have big problems with Rocco ultimately tagliafico you knew your own problem the killer and poppy is going to sprint you the left wing left midfield position is the hardest to predict because the last game Matuidi played on that position he's more a defensive type of player so what will happen now is to list you playing or who's Manning them Billy it will be either of them I think to Lisa if you want to play more defensively and then Billy if you want to play more on the attack

Knowing this shows a little bit I think too little it's more chance to play but I go through smart Nabila it's a little bit of a gamble Ollie Ollie ollie Shirou I think this man is pretty average for a club like Chelsea and Austin French national team but he is great as a
target man and he is the man the French national team needs right now he isn't super PC he can't dribble he is just strong he is stole and he can give assists and he is the target man they need so that means the frost is going to line up in this four in goal from Tottenham Hotspur arugula Reis the right bag of Stuttgart before the youngster the two centre backs from TD ever on on the left back position we found how numbness of Atletico Madrid and gula come to is the CDM full pub at the Fox 2 bucks player and a 20 creaseman more the number 10 and the second striker the right man killing a puppy for you loot a and on the left midfield spot it can be to Lisa or his Manhattan Villa and the striker target man or a vision roof so that means we've already seen the formation for you require 90 formation of France what will be the school line prediction 

Although I am a big fan of Uruguayan elite compadre with Gordon and given s I think it's just not good enough to beat France and with kavadi playing they have a bigger chance but if Cavani stays out with an injury as to why he is playing I think attacking Li there will be two week there will be a great match because they don't concede a lot of goals and will be super exciting but in the end I think Emma P and list man will score for France and maybe Luis Suarez or even company can hit a goal for Uruguay so that means I predict that France is going through to the semi-finals so guys let me know what your prediction
is drop it down in the comment section we can discuss about it that will be super fun and awesome so if you loved the video don't forget to give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel put the notification below if you would join the FIFA family I thank you all for
watching I wish you all fantastic day enjoy the World Cup as well a national for me keep it cool keep real and ciao for now