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Mission Impossible Fallout, a Movie Review

mission impossible fallout review

Mission Impossible Fallout is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who also made rogue nation and once again stars Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt Rebecca Ferguson Simon Pegg ving rhames Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett and tells the story of Ethan hunts IMF team as they race against time after a mission gone wrong I've reviewed all the Mission Impossible films in the past 
And I've always said that this is one of my favorite action franchises of all time and except for the second film which was definitely the weakest each one of them has been a very impressive action film and each one of them feels unique and different and that's because all of them have had different directors which is why I was curious to see how fallout would fare amongst the other 

Since it is directed by Christopher McQuarrie once again and I'm very happy to say that Mission Impossible fallout is here to make all other action movies look like baby movies I'm just gonna get right to the point fallout is one of the best action films I have ever seen meticulously planned action sequences not just from a choreography or stunts perspective 

But from a cinematography perspective there are so many beautifully filmed moments I'm an action movie junkie I love action films I always have that's kind of why I'm more hard on them than others I think I expect more out of them and when it comes to a movie like fallout we have a star like Tom Cruise who's doing the things that Ethan Hunt is written doing in the script he's leaping over buildings he's jumping from airplanes he's hanging from helicopters he's motorcycling through oncoming traffic in Paris and it's the type of thing that a lot of films would utilize CGI or green-screen or a stunt double with a CGI head over he stunt doubles body of the real actor 

And here the action sequences are so intense and white-knuckled because they're actually taking place I haven't seen an action film that I've enjoyed this much since Mad Max fury road this is probably my favorite of the past few years it's just a wonderfully executed action film from beginning to end filled with set pieces that are designed to make your jaw  drop and I've seen a lot and they're going to because they did it there's a helicopter sequence that is so thrilling 
I didn't want it to end I could have watched another half an hour of this sequence every single action scene in the film whether it's a foot chase or shootouts some big stunt sequence with a helicopter it's all the best version of that that they could have done the best running foot chase they could have made the best motorcycle chase they could have made it's hard to really understand how they could possibly top this to be honest and I feel like this film is going to be the action movie to beat for a while this is the sixth film 

And despite the fact that I am a massive fan of the first and the fourth in particular I think this might be the best and I've only seen it once I need to see it again so the action sequences are incredible but how is the story this  is where I can see some people having an issue because it is one of those stories similar to the first Mission Impossible where you do have to pay attention to just about every single line of dialogue to follow it for some people that could be a flaw and that's fine for me I love that I love a film especially a summer blockbuster that treats you with respect that treats you like an adult and says hey pay attention listen these lines mean something these scenes are important this isn't just mindless entertainment

This is meant to fuel a story and I like how this film despite its summer blockbuster trappings is actually an action film for adults that asks you to think about its plot and pay attention as far as the antagonists in this film I would say they're my favorite since Philip Seymour Hoffman and mi3 they're very strong the Mission Impossible series has had a hard time with villains before having ones that are serviceable to the plot but not necessarily memorable 

This film has some very memorable ones I loved all the supporting characters as well Simon Pegg as usual is very entertaining Rebecca Ferguson is terrific and this is probably the best I've seen Henry Cavill speaking of stunt work he has a fight scene in a bathroom with Tom Cruise and some other guys that's one of my favorite fight scenes I've ever seen it's brutal the punches feel so real it's fast it's beautifully filmed with these wide angles it was just everything that I want an action film to be 

I was sitting there constantly in my head saying thank you thank you you you're doing it thank you dear God thank you so much this is exactly what I wanted if you're a fan of Tom Cruise this movie has like the ultimate Tom Cruise shot on top of a building as he's running the camera is like spinning around him and it ends in the incredible stunts that people in the theater like shouted oh my god like and in unison it was a beautiful thing I'm also a big fan of the Mission Impossible  scores I pay attention to those quite a bit I love what Michael Giacchino did with three and four and obviously what Danny Elfman did with the first film Hans Zimmer strangely has the weakest score of all of them although his is not bad it had a very drum and bass like feel for the early 2000s but he had some  really great choral arrangements in that soundtrack but here we have Lorin ball taking over at work as the composer and I've listened to the soundtrack over the past day and I think he did a great job although it does feel a little conventional in regards to like Bois sounds every once in a while 
It really worked in the film fallout could be criticized as having recycled other stories from other films I mean there's a nuclear sub plot and someone who wants to you know obtain things that could possibly end the world and it's it's all terrible and we've seen this many times before and I would say that's probably the weakest element of the film is that it doesn't necessarily feel like a story we've not seen before it doesn't feel particularly fresh but the directing and the way McQuarrie who also wrote the film shifts the characters around and uses this team to build tension in every small way that he can whether ving rhames is trying to defuse something but he doesn't have enough hands to get the job done and he has to call someone over to him who isn't necessarily familiar with us to help or Simon Pegg being in a room filled with a bunch of boxes and what he needs is in one of the boxes and he has to search all of them McCrory took the characters and he places them in scenarios that  onstantly tests their ability to do their job and that's why it's mission impossible and from a writing perspective that's brilliant you're constantly on edge every scene is either a turnaround or some sort of twist or a surprise or you put a character in a scenario where he or she just can't figure it out or it's an incredible action set piece Mission Impossible fallout is everything I could possibly want from an mi movie and it's one of my favorite action films I've ever seen I'm gonna give it an A please see it in IMAX it's worth it you're going to get more of an image on the top and the bottom it's going to be incredible please do see this one I would love to see more in my films although I don't know how they're going to top this this is gonna be the action film to beat I think for a while please do check it out guys thank you so much as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes

The MEG, Movie Review

the MEG movie review

The MEG was directed by Jon Turteltaub and stars Jason Statham as a marine diving expert who must face off against a Megalodon a prehistoric shark 70 feet in length that attacks an underwater research facility so Jason Statham and his team of awesome people have to band together to hopefully kill this thing before it reaches the shores 

So Hollywood has been obsessed with sharks ever since Jaws in 1975 but Hollywood has taken a far more serious approach to shark movies as of late with movies like 47 meters down or the shallows these were very serious films that were meant to be dramatic and very frightening and scary at the same time straight to TV straight to DVD or blu-ray or video on demand shark films like snow sharks sand sharks mega sharks octopus sharks and of course the sharknado films have embraced a more lighthearted silly and self-aware approach and with the Meg Hollywood has embraced this notion as well and thrown 150 million dollars and Jason Statham at an incredibly silly shark film that I had a great time watching this is by no means some incredible film that's going to be remembered for years
the meg movie

As some achievements but no one really expected it to be this film is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for a shark film that knows what it is that isn't trying to be some serious masterpiece it's not trying to compete with Jaws it has tons of Jaws references the film has just enough characterization to make you care particularly with Statham's character he's tried to get people to believe that this thing exists for years at the cost of his own career and so the thing resurfacing and him being like hey I was I was telling you about that shock you you it I'm a fan of Jason Statham 

I like him in tons of movies I always find him a very likable presence and he's no stranger to water England's Jason Statham his forward three-and-a-half somersault with tuck this role was definitely right up his alley and so there's some fun to be had with the characters there's some confrontations that I actually enjoyed there's an adorable little girl in this film that has some really fun interplay with Statham and even though the film does try to have a romance and kind of get you invested in other things I'm just waiting for the shark you could go and see the Meg and leave saying like wow that was so bad for so many reasons and you could really get invested in in hating this movie about a giant shark with Jason Statham or you can just accept what they're going for and enjoy the ride 
the meg shark movie

But I do have one major complaint I feel like this film really would have benefited from a rated R rating Eli Roth was originally going to direct the film and he wanted to rate it our rating and the studio wanted pg-13 and and while there's there's tons of like shark blood and other animal deaths and stuff and some human blood this film could have been a lot more entertaining and even more tongue-in-cheek if there was more gore involved which would have been a far more entertaining film but that's really my only real complaint here beyond the obvious it's a 1990s movie 

Without a doubt this film belongs in 1997 if it came out in 97 it would have starred Nicolas Cage in his prime Conair mode and it would have been a blast and people would talk about how much they liked it nowadays if you really want to get serious about the 70-foot shark movie the characterization could be so much better some of the performances are weak a lot of the characters are just your stereotypical versions of other characters we've seen the rich guy who owns the place who jokes every once in a while and and and they make him be like this really larger-than-life character you have the side characters that are there just to tell jokes the little girl who's meant to be adorable the the woman who's there clearly just to be a romantic interest but she can do some stuff too and then you have you're expendable people who are obviously just meant to be eaten I mean you understand how it works it's just that this film is more entertaining than others because it also understands how silly it is and embraces that and in so doing I had a really good time watching the Meg I'm gonna give it a B if you enjoy watching silly shark films on VOD or on the sci-fi channel but you we're hoping that Hollywood would make one with really good visual effects and a high budget and jason statham well you'll probably enjoy the meg but certainly do not go into the film expecting some masterpiece because you're going to be disappointed but I really don't think anyone's going to guys thank you so much as always for watching please look forward to more reviews very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck the nice

Sky Scraper, Movie Review

skyscraper is directed by the man behind dodgeball if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball and  Central Intelligence which also started the rock like this film

 which is about a father who goes to extreme lengths to get his family to safety when they are trapped in a burning building this building just so happens to be the tallest ever constructed he's a security consultant that was hired to make sure it was safe for the public 

but a scheme arises with some evil people that set the building on fire and now they're trapped inside and he has to try to figure out how to rescue them 

when the trailer for this film debuted a lot of people compared it to the action classic die hard so many people in fact that the marketing team decided to embrace it 

creating a mock-up poster in the original fashion of die hard as well as the towering inferno and so you can go to this film and say well you know they're embracing it because they released those posters and we're supposed to accept the fact that this film is a gigantic 

derivative copycat of other films that are far better and just turned our brains off right well I couldn't I found this film terrible I really did there is barely an original idea in this entire picture this might sound like an exaggerated statement 

but I assure you it isn't almost every single action scene in the film felt lifted from something else that did it better there's a shot that is straight out of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and two entire sequences that feel just like that film so much 

so that when I saw with my buddy John he leaned over during the shot and was like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and I leaned over and I was like yeah I haven't read any reviews yet but I can only assume based off of those mock-up posters that the studio felt they had to release to sort of calm the storm that was this movie I can only assume people are also making these comparisons and so I'm you've probably heard this before but this film really does feel like it's a completely unoriginal mess as usual 

The Rock is probably the most entertaining aspect of this film but he has definitely been better before this is not one of his better films or one of his better performances although he isn't bad in the movie I've just seen him with more charisma his character is just father who wants his family back 

I don't understand why a star of his number one of if not the highest-paid actor in Hollywood right now would take a role that's so simple and watered-down in fact that's kind of what he's been doing lately he's been making a lot of  pg-13 films that people forget almost  instantly is anyone talking about rampage anymore that came out this year and I fear this film will have a similar fate because there are 10 movies that are similar and all of them are better this is a 125 million dollar action film 

and I don't understand why that kind of money has been thrown to a script that is so blatantly derivative of other material alright but for argument's sake let's just throw away the originality argument and focus on the film without comparing it to other films even when you do that the film has a very artificial movie studio green-screen glossy Sheen to it all it just doesn't feel real I barely bought into a single thing that happened 

the action felt so censored bloodless the violence felt very weak it didn't really feel like anything was happening the best part of the film was the opening scene which is very sad and very tragic but a lot of it has to do with the fact that I hadn't seen the rest of the movie yet and so I was sort of invested still but that ended very quickly as far as the villains go I mean there's so many and they they're ever-shifting it's like one person will be bad then it'll be okay and then maybe the other guy is not so great and you're not entirely sure what's going on and twists and turns are fine and all but when your film doesn't really have a presence that's to be feared 

and I suppose the main villain of the movie is just like the lead mercenary and and he's just evil honestly this is the epitome of Hollywood watered-down forgettable action again I didn't buy a single moment of the film I thought it was extremely fake looking and there's a billion other movies just like this one that are insanely better in every way I'm gonna give skyscraper a d-plus but I do want to say a big thank you to Dollar Shave Club they've been doing a sponsorship on my channel you can check out the link in the description below to learn more about their $5 daily essentials starter kit please do that it's a fantastic deal thank you very much Dollar Shave Club let's just say you had to take this plot this was the story the script could not be changed 

this was the movie that was to be made he had the budget you had the approval you could make this movie at least 10 times better by just making it rated R I don't understand why these movies have to be so like kid-friendly and like approved for the masses it's there's no there's no depths you know it didn't feel like there was any grit to it it could have been so much better with just that one simple choice maybe they wouldn't have got as big of a budget but perhaps that could have been better because so many of the action sequences didn't look real because they were relying on so much green screen technology that it just I didn't really buy into it this movie was disappointing it could have been a lot better and and even as like a turn your brain off action movie I couldn't really get into it either because it just reminded me of a billion other things Wow I had a lot more to say about skyscraper than I expected guys thank you so much as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes 

Creed 2, a Trailer Review

So we have a trailer for Creed it's a bit of a vague trailer but there's enough to talk about here because I felt Crete was something really special arguably the best of the Rocky movies. 

It's not really rocky moving doesn't matter it's great and from what I can piece together it looks like in Crete - Adonis Creed has his life he has his happiness and Ivan Drago son comes into the picture Ivan Drago is Dolph Lundgren he's the one who killed Apollo Creed and rocky for it was the son of the father who was killed fighting the son of the Father who killed the father that was killed.

And there's some pretty deep stuff you can do with this movie you see rocky talking to Adonis Creed and he's like this is dangerous man your dad died in my arms your dad sounded like how you sound now don't fly so close to the Sun that's how you get burned it's how your Icarus wings burn off live your life if happiness but Adonis Creed wants revenge even as mom's like do not even say this is about your dad.

It's not it's a revenge tale if it was a Donna's Creed fighting Ivan Drago I'd get it but it's Adonis Creed fighting the son of Ivan Drago Ivan Drago son didn't do anything to Apollo Creed so it's a real sins of the father thing the sons are fighting the father's war so where does it stop where does it endis Ivan Drago son even an asshole I think that's the more interesting route they could take is if Ivan Drago son is a good fighter.

But what if he's not a dick what if he's like I'm sorry about father he was maybe Drago Sloan just isn't the asshole Adonis Creed thinks heis I feel like I like that a lot more and again it's all about execution sometimes apples fall far from the tree just want to see how far this one falls.

It does look like Adonis Creed gets his ass kicked is in a hospital beds always creed to going the continuation of rocky 4 but it's the rocky 3 route where he gets his ass beat he's kind of down on his luck he trains gets his mojo back and he gets back into the ring or is he in a hospital bed because it's like yeah that fight with that last dude at the end of the first movie that was something I'm theorizing way too much for a great movie like I feel like I'm over complicating it if we're honest with ourselves is probably gonna be as simple as Adonis Creed fights the son of the man who killed his father.

He has to decide what's he fighting for his father or himself and that'll be that let's not overcomplicate it with theories you're like I would did that like how I filmed an entire video edited an entire video had the whole video dedicated to making a point then at the end of this video rendered that entire video useless that's gotta be some sort of superpower to be able to do that right what is after this one I what scream 3 gonna be about I swear to Christ if Creed 3 is Adonis Creed has brain damage and then trains a dude with mullet and then they fight in the street at the end 

But I'm out really interested to see where they go with this one I'm sad Ryan Coogler is not doing it gonna be some stair downs though between Stallone and Dolph Lundgren blunderin can't wait for that passive-aggressive boxing but interested to see where they go with this one I have my thoughts I have my theories I think I know where it can go I think I know the route I want it to go wherever the movie goes as long as they execute it well that's a win I just want a good Creed sequel it looks like it could be that but the Creed III trailer have you seen it what did you think about it whatever you thought comment below let me know and as always if you like what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to

Won't You Be My Neighbor? - Movie Review

won't you be my neighbor is a new 
documentary that's about the life and times of Fred Rogers famed host of Mister Rogers neighborhood a program for children that was run unlike any other program for children at the time and ever since to be honest for those who don't know Mister Rogers neighborhood was a show that featured Fred Rogers
teaching life lessons to children around
the entire world but he spoke to
children with intelligence despite the
fact that he would sometimes use puppets

and characters to communicate his
thoughts he never talked down to
children he spoke to them as equals he
expressed thoughts that were far more
complex than your average television
show host even for an adult show and
this was one that was aimed at children
I was concerned though that it would be
very fawning and perhaps just talk about
all the great things that Mister Rogers
did and oh he's so wonderful and I was
very pleasantly surprised to see that
the film does dive deep into a very
complex man a man with a lot of fears
and worries
this documentary paints Fred Rogers as
an artist dealing with a lot of
insecurities now if you've ever been one
of those then you know how that feels
and he was someone who used his puppet
characters to communicate how he felt
according to his wife in this
documentary that puppet was mostly Fred
and that kind of just really got to me
especially when it would show certain
sequences in his show and you understood
that he was really letting us know how
he felt it was almost like a coping
mechanism for Fred Rogers but by far the
aspect of this documentary that floored
me the most that I never picked up on
when I was a kid is that he would
communicate very serious issues through
his show to help kids cope and
understand when a national tragedy
occurs there is an episode about
assassination and what the word
assassination means when a news story
hit about a man who was throwing
cleaning chemicals into a pool because
the pool was allowing white people and
black people mr. Rogers had
episode where he sat in a wading pool
with mr. Clemmons who was a black man
and just sat there and they bathed in
the wading pool together and they sent a
message out to the world a message that
kids can understand or at least
subliminally pick up on and that floored
me in this dock those intricacies in his
program showed just how much he really
did care about children and treating
them like they were the special people
he knew they all could be the
documentary also doesn't shy away from
showing the criticism that Fred Rogers
faced later in his life because a lot of
people felt that his message that any
kid was special was detrimental to the
fact that kids they didn't feel like
they had to do anything because they
were just special didn't have to put
forth effort obviously this is a very
silly criticism but it was in newspapers
it was on the news this was a big thing
there were parodies obviously one of the
ones I always loved was Eddie Murphy on
SNL and there's a clip in the dock of
Fred Rogers showing a photograph of him
and Eddie Murphy and so you can tell he
was sort of okay with that one probably
because it aired later at night and kids
couldn't necessarily see it and be
affected by it in some way shape or form
but it was other parodies of himself
that he felt very uncomfortable with
because he was afraid that children
would see that and then think that that
was okay where he really dedicated his
entire life to trying to reach children
and and teach them things that he felt
was very important that could help them
in their lives and I just found this
film so emotionally touching being able
to understand his life message there's a
letter that he wrote later in life where
he felt like he was conflicted on
whether or not he really had it in him
anymore if he was really reaching kids
he felt like maybe the world was just
getting worse and you look around today
and you wonder if maybe he was right and
it's a very timely and I think necessary
message for people to see because this
guy spent his whole life trying to
achieve something and you look at today
and you wonder did he it briefly covers
his child
and some aspects of it the fact that he
was an ordained minister which I
honestly did not know and that he didn't
necessarily believe that wearing a
collar as a priest would be the most
effective way to reach kids because he
felt that perhaps the religion might get
in the way of it so that was sort of his
way of preaching which honestly I had no
idea about all of that which was very
interesting to learn and so really this
documentary affected me on an emotional
level it taught me things about the man
I never knew and about his show I never
knew as a documentary this is about as
good as they come I do wish that it Dell
just a little bit more into his
childhood so we could understand his
psyche but through the letters that he
had written before that his wife talks
about and understanding just how
tortured of an artist really he was I
think this is one of the better
documentaries I've seen in a long time
I'm gonna give won't you be my neighbor
and a this is a terrific documentary
it's starting to expand into more
theaters and I highly suggest checking
it out even if you haven't seen his show
before or don't know that much about him
this is a fascinating portrayal of a man
that did a lot of good for a few
generations and I think his impact has
been very positive and I don't know if
we're ever gonna get another guy like
this so give it a watch guys thank you
so much as always for watching
and if you like this you can click right
here and get steppen eyes