"THE LOVED ONE" (1965). Film buffs that haven't seen this

"THE LOVED ONE" (1965). Film buffs that haven't seen this - please consider doing so. First of all, look at this cast: Jonathan Winters, Rod Steiger, Robert Morse, Anjanette Comer, Liberace, Margaret Leighton, Milton Berle, John Gielgud, Barbara Nichols, Tab Hunter, Robert Morley, Roddy McDowall, James Coburn, Dana Andrews, & Paul Williams. 
The b&w cinematography is simply sumptuous & breathtaking! The scenes at "Whispering Glades" are incredibly beautiful & even the interior of the L.A. airport is stunning! The cinematography is a true highlight. The film itself is a black comedy which offers satire that fluctuates between razor sharp & irreverently grotesque. Liberace is really good! He is perfectly suited to his funereal character. Milton Berle & Margaret Leighton play a married couple!!!😮 
Rod Steiger must have had an all-out field day with his flamboyant character. But the performer who stops the train is AYLLENE GIBBONS as Steiger's mother! She is fantastic!! She's only in 2 short scenes, but she practically steals the film! What a shame that Jayne Mansfield's scene was cut from the film, she would have been a perfect addition to this cast! Bit parts by Alan Napier, Joy Harmon, Reta Shaw, & Jamie Farr. The film must have raised eyebrows & pushed buttons in 1965, it has some pretty outrageous moments! Based on Evelyn's Waugh's classic novel. Wow!!

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